Lists issue

i have two lists, the upper list is the numbers of sheets, and the bottom one are parameters of families that exist on each sheet. in this case i have three families with same parameter on each sheet, and i’m trying to place the sheet number text in the parameters in a way where the first list would become similar to the second, meaning each sheet number would repeat 3 times in a single index. is that possible?

Try chopping the sheet number list into increments of 1, so the number of list of sheet numbers matches the number of list of views. Then you will need to set your lacing to longest on the set parameter node.

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Try using the method staylor suggested, since you only need to add one node to potentially get the lists matching.

An alternative would be to get the list length @L2 for the nested list, and use the “OfRepeated” node to to get the same list lengths. I usually flatten afterwards…but I only use this when chopping doesn’t work, and I’m too lazy to go digging around for my bookmarks on this forum. :wink:

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I think list levels on it’s own should work here. The sheet number would be @L1 and the families would be @L2. That would pair each sheet with each sublist of families.


thank u all guys. m.owens solution worked best to my intention of the script