List - match wall lengths by name

Hello everyone, was wondering if i could match these two lists that I have here.

I have wall names & wall lengths but was wondering if I could combine these lists so that the wall name matches with the wall length and vice versa.

  • Wanted to know if I could separate them by level? not sure if that’s possible. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Combine the two list with - List > Transpose
You would need to pull the level info and add that to the combined list or filter ahead of time. (I’d do it after.)

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They are already in separate sublists for each level the way you have taken them:
This is representing the level.

Oh yea i did see that, went over my head a bit.

Is there a way i could combine all the data to match each other?

I guess maybe even make an excel sheet exporting level, wall type, and length?

You can try the List.GroupByKey node :slight_smile: I created a proxy of your graph (Don’t have the Excel file), but you can switch out my entire graph after the All Elements of Category into your graph after your Select.ByCategoryAndLevel node.