Combing List with the logic as indicated

Dear Dynamo Team,
I was trying to combine 3 list with the logic indicated in the screenshot. One of the List is header. Other two list are sheet thickness and its quantity. I need to make sheet thickness and quantity to be in the same level so that to write it to excel properly.
I also sent you Dynamo file to check. Your help will be appreciated.

Duct List BOQ.dyn (4.8 KB)

Hi @kvusal!

The typical steps in a very common task like is

  1. List.Create (put the different list of data into one list with sublists)
  2. Transpose (shift rows and columns)
  3. Add Item to front (put the heading to the lists)

You take this one step further and want to do the same for three list at the same time, then for the most part you can play with the list levels @Lx, but for some of the nodes this is not supported yet, and you need to resort to the good old List.Combine.

Here is how I solved it:

Duct List BOQ.dyn (10.6 KB)


Thanks a lot Dear Einar! :slight_smile: