Listing Revit View Filters by the Views where they are used

Anyone know of a way of listing Revit View Filters by the Views where they are used? I get a huge amount of false positives when searching the net or this forum for an answer…

You may want to try the “List Detailed View Information for a List of Views” node in my Bakery package.

view filters

Thanks for that Luke

I’m thinking I need a bit of help with arrays and lists. Not very good at them yet. I’m trying to write the results to a file sorted by Filter Name, but I’m getting the error

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of WriteToFile that takes arguments of type (string,string,string,string,__array,bool)Capture

Hi Duncan.

Can you re-post your graph. Can’t Read it.


Not sure how you’re trying to sort your data so it’s hard to say what you need to do to the list. But as a start the rows and columns work as indexes, so row 1 is index 0 (zero) and column A is index 0 (zero)

Hi Duncan,

There are 2 things. First try flatten before list.create node and then connect to list.create.

Second, See if it works if not remove empty list before flatten node. Let me know if it works. I will try to post graph later if its not working.


And also connect T/F boolean to overwrite.

And here is the graph and dyn file:




Thanks Kulkul! That now gives me some useful results. Two things

  1. It’s treating View Templates as if they are Views! Not much we can do about that I guess

  2. The results are not very useful as it isn’t organizing things. It’s giving me the results one at a time. I would much rather know how to group them. For example, instead of

Filter 1
View 1
Filter 1
View 2

I’d like

Filter 1
View 1
View 2

Any idea how to go about that. I feel a bit bad asking so much, but I really have trouble finding solutions myself. It seems like if I don’t know what a package is called and how it works it’s hard to get much further… oh well, baby steps.

… and I still can’t find anywhere how I add comments to my dyn files.

GroupByKey looks like the node I need but, like others in the forum, I can’t workout how to use the keyProjector - which I’m thinking ought to be the name of the View Filter… but I can’t get it to work. Even if I could just get it to write the results vertically instead of horizontally I could use Excel to sort.

Hi Duncan,

I think its get able what your looking for. Give me sometime i will try post later graph.

Here is how you can add comments to your dyn file.


Duncan, First you need to filter your values by condition and then export to excel. I got what you need you can find updated dyn file below. Good Luck!



Hi KulKul this is awesome. thanks. however i get an error on the first node. “custom definition is not loaded” do you still have it? or can you show us how to make the missing node? Thanks

Try downloading the Clockwork package.