List filters in a project by view in which they are used


I’m new to dynamo and trying to no avail to get a list in excel of all the filters used in my project specifying in which view it is used.

The post I used as inspiration is this one : Listing Revit View Filters by the Views where they are used - Packages - Dynamo (
I’ve tried other examples but nothing came close to what I wanted. I did also find how to delete the unused filters which was great, but can’t get a list of the used filters.
The result I have with my trial, is basically a list of all the filters and the another list of the views, however it doesn’t seem to be corelated, and I don’t understand why.
I also don’t understand the logic in the main post, because to me it seems that the list are separated, however when they are put back togheter they have no correlation to each-other.

Also for ease of work, please find in the link the dynamo file : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I don’t seem to have priveledges to upload it directin on the forum.

Welcome to the forums and thanks for taking a stab at this to start off with.

Here is a small example graph that shows how to use the GroupBy node to get the Filters by View.

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Thanks for the quick reply, your method is much more elegant, using the GroupByKey, also I didn’t know there was a List.Clean that eliminates the null values, so thanks again!

However I’m still having dificulty getting out a list in excel that has a link between the filters and the views.

I can export both data by name in excel but I cannot merge the data automatically to export it.

I could use the information since it displays the code for the list, but when I export I lose that information

Would you show and example of how you would like to see the information in Excel? It would help, but chances are you will need to Join the Key values into the Groups and then Transpose the vales for export.

If I export directly the groups from List.groupByKey it does something weird where it re-exports and re-wirtes everything on the first line.

After some more digging, I found the List.transpose which allowed me to export the list of filters to excel, by collumn. as in A_Export List Transpose like so : EXPORT 1

Then I noticed it’s divided in 46 lines, so the number of views.
So I just exported the number of views in a separate document and combined them manually like so

I’d like to combine them from the first export

Now I notice that the views, are actually view types and not the actual view where it is used.
I also notice that some of the views types have no filters, is that correct or an error?

What I’m hoping to achieve is a table a bit reversed like so (DESIRED FINAL RESULT)
Showing the view name instead of the view type.
Ideally, I would also like to know the view template if said filter is in a view template that is not applied to any view.

Because I couldn’t add multiple images, I combined them in one :

First off, I used the “View.IsTemplate” in my graph to only show View Templates. If you want ALL views then I would remove that node and the associated FilterBoolean node.

If you are wanting the Filter first, then you will also probably want to swap the List.GroupBy and group by the Filters, not the views.

I assume that you have some views without filters, so I would assume no values will happen if there are no filters applied. You could filter those out along the way if you wanted.