Create sheets and place view by view type

Hello. I am trying to create a graph that will let me get a list of all views by view type (Floor Plans), filter out by view name string (1.0 - FINISH - Zone ‘x’) and then create sheets from the filtered list. Then I would like to place the views used to create sheets to their respective sheets.

I believe I am close here but I cannot figure out why I get the warning shown in the graph below:

Any help would be much appreciated.

You’re providing the view name and not the actual view element. The view input should be from the List.FilterByBoolMask output.

Ok. Im sorry but I am not sure exactly what that means. Could you elaborate for a novice user? =)

Is this all I need?

I do appreciate the help.

You need to provide the actual view that is going on the sheet, not the name of the view. That’s all.

Oh ok I see. I thought you were saying I needed another list.FilterByBooleanMask node.

Also do you know the easiest way to eliminate the parent floor plan of the dependents in my list? Basically I do not need the 1.0 - FINISH parent. Just the 1.0 - FINISH - Zone ‘A’ B and E views.