List.MaximumItem failed to extract correct

Hi there,
I`ve been playing around with this script which seems to have one problem part - not being able to extract the maximum item from one of the sublists.
Anyone encountered this before? maybe there is a similar node in one of the packages?

Thanks loads!

Seemsweird, can you try to convert to string before passing to List.MaximumItem?

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that actually worked thanks!

though a bit of workaround to get everything clean afterwards…
maybe way too long, though here it is.

Looks like you’re experiencing a bug. What if you try applying List@Level 2 for the List.Maximum node?

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it’s working on my side. what version of Dynamo are you using?
I’m on 1.2.1

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Yes it was definitely a bug… which did go on for quite a while. even when I restarted, though now it seems to be working. New day new opportunities. :smiley:
I am also in 1.2.1 version and now both MaximumItem and MaximumItem on L2 works !
So thank you all for suggestions!
Cheers! :cocktail: