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Hi Everyone,

Probably the problem that I am posting here has been discussed before, but I just coudn’t find the right answer through reading the old posts. I am just trying to break down the list I am getting into multiple lists, see my example below:

I am trying to get two list as illsutrated in my graph list 1 and list 2 out of the original list. tried list get item at index and list mapping but no luck. what I am missing here?

Thank you in advance

Is List.Transpose what you are looking for?

Also, I am assuming you are using Dynamo 2.0 but are following posts from Dynamo 1.3 or earlier? In Dynamo 2.0, lists created in code block have to use [ ] instead of { }.

There might be an issue since the 3rd (index 2) item in your list is not a list.



Have you tried List.Transpose ?

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@kennyb6 @mellouze

Thank you guyse for you prompted reply, yes I did use list transpose, see my screenshot below

i am using dynamo 2.0

Can you copy the error you get? But I am pretty sure it is because the 3rd item in your list is a number, not a list like the rest of it. Is that supposed to be there?

you are a legend @kennyb6

the problem was with the number but the problem that i am having now is I should get two number by calling this parameter in dynamo because I coped two families with the same parameter. However dynamo 2.0 is still giving me only one value when i use “get parameter by name” node instead of two values, any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Both elements have that parameter? Also you can click the camera icon on the top right to take a picture of the entire graph. Just zoom in until you can clearly read a node and click the camera. It will capture the entire thing even if you can’t see it all in Dynamo.

@kennyb6 sorted I was feeding this node with the first item node and that’s why I was getting one parameter only :sweat_smile:!

Again thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated-- the support i get in this forum is extraordinary :slight_smile:


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No problem, glad you got it working. If you can, mark the post that solved your problem as the solution. It’s the check mark at the bottom of a post. This lets people know it was solved and if anyone has a similar problem, they can find the solution easily.

Many thanks I just marked it as solved :slight_smile:

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