Dynamo Integer to Double

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I am struggling with something I thought would be very simple. I am collecting Integer values from a parameter field in Revit, and would like the max value in the list. The MaximumItem node connected directly requests string data, and then if I add a StringFromObject node it only returns the list with the max item identified within, not isolating the max item. See below.

Any thoughts?
Many thanks

I think the output from get parameter value node. Exports sublists with no maximum value so the nodes won’t work. How ever look at string-maximum item chain of nodes is in fact working. The maximum item in sublist 3 is 2 and this is what is being reported by maximum item node.

Edit: The list structure i.e. number of levels is quite complicated, perhaps earlier in the script you need to do some flattening of lists.

Only sublists with multiple different values would be able to have a maximum value. I think a sublist of length one would not have a maximum value???

Hi Simon

A flatten node just before this has worked! Thank you!


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