Cannot get item at index

Hi guys,

I cannot stress how much I’m still getting my head around Dynamo and I’m sure this is a serious noob question but I cannot for the life of me get the List.GetItemAtIndex to work.

I’ve generated a list of individual surfaces for a wall and I want to extract the inner most surface, which I’ve worked out is at index 1 in my project. The issue I’m having is that the return I’m getting from my node is always null.

I’m sure its just going to be something that I have input but if the community could throw me a lifeline that would be AMAZING!!

Below is what I have. Thanks all.

@brodieLFGM9 You need to apply the Level @L2 on the list input and not at the index!
Use [1] or 1 as needed.

Thanks @AmolShah

Now that I have been shown it’s so obvious.

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