List.GroupByKey - Ignore False Cases

Hey guys,

I have a problem to filter a list. I need that the program ignore if the list contains false results only, but If all the results are false, its not to continue the program. If that is two results, false and true, to be continue the program. And if that is only true results, to be continue too. Conclusion: I need that the program dont roll on falses results only.
In the first image the program is working fine, cause I have too list and the “True List” is the 0, but in the second image have a wrong result, because the strings contains did give just one list.

How can I do to fix this?

So. If the results are false, you don’t want it set the parameter right?

Right! That’s right.

This might be easier @acoimbraf

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Thanks so much, @john_pierson. It’s working! This is more easy then the way that I did.

I have other question in new topic (about create multiple sheets). If you could help me, I will appreciate.