Lists of Boolean

Greeting. I am working on a task that need to filter from 3 lists of data.

The 3 lists of data are same in structure while contains different boolean results. What I try is I would like to combine the boolean, and changes the results into “True” if all the boolean are “False” in those 3 lists.

Below as a example

What I want is to generate results as:

It would be great if anyone have the solution

Is that what you are looking for ?


@Francois_Labonne @AmolShah

Thanks you two. Both succeed.

But there is a issue raised: after I use “list.CountTrue” or “List.AllFalse”, the last part of Empty List is not counted. As I need the correct number ordering, is there any way to reserve those parts in list?

@TCKEAHY Try this Python solution:

OUT = [[not any(lst) for lst in lsts] if lsts else None for lsts in IN[0]]