How to remove false value from list dynamo

Hello guys; I have a problem with this list code. I want

the “non false” result in case case it is Gold to appear alone in the list and add it to a new parameter in revit
Could you please advise

The mask has to be true/false…
So try swapping the inputs going into the List.FilterByBoolMask node


Helli Alien thank you for your advise;
but still, I cannot get the logic of how to get the not false value
in this case, it is Gold ??

I can’t see your whole list… how did you get this false/ gold list?

One way to get the ‘gold’ is to feed the original list into a == node…

Convert the list into string (use Object to string node) if the words are not already strings.

You will get a true/ false list then.

THEN use that true/ false list as the mask.

GPRS Calculation 5.dyn (100.4 KB)
It is related to a calculations
I tried to convert it to string
but what is “original list into a == node…”

I think it will be different because of the calculation
GPRS Calculation 5.dyn (113.7 KB)
Because the picture will not be clear

OK, I’m a bit confused.
I don’t have the same inputs as you do so the graph won’t show up the same unless you use

If you’re JUST trying to get gold then just use the gold group and ignore the rest.
The true/ false list you get will then enable you to use the filter by bool mask to ONLY get the gold.


Thank you for your input it needed the == node as you mentioned
Really thank you :slight_smile:

Also… If I were you, I’d learn a little python.
ALL of the green bit can easily be put into a few lines of Python code.


I would like to thank you so much
Definitely, I will take your advice; if you can recommend a basic source to start python (Taking into consideration I have zero coding background unfortunately)

There are loads of resources online. Free courses.
I just tried a few and some made more sense than others.

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Thank you and best of luck :slight_smile:

I would advise you to take a structured course instead of going through trial and error learning.
Here is the course I took.

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Thank you so much for sharing!! it is really useful
Best of luck :slight_smile:

You are welcome. Ensure to follow up with the second part of the course as well. Python Data Structures.