Sort/ Filter list by Value to create Parameters

Hi @ all,
I hope anyone can help me?
I want to create Parameters from an excel-sheet.
My goal : filtering the list by Value “TEXT” and create the Parameters with the result of the filtered list for A0-A4.
Creating the Parameters isn’t the problem for me, but filtering the list and get the values A0-A4 is a big problem.

I hope that anyone can help me please.
Thank you.

“GroupByKey” where column A is your items and column B is your keys? :slight_smile:

Thank you, but how has the key look like?

Thanks for your help!

Step 1, transpose your list of “data”
Step 2, pass list 0 into list input
Step 3, pass list 1 into key input :slight_smile:

Or if you only want the specific value of “Text” returned then use a boolmask :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you so much!!! :grin: