Lists & values out of sync


I am working on something to insert a 2 point adaptive component using XYZ coordinates from an Excel file.

The Excel data is structured with start and end coordinates for each component, plus a description.

The geometry/coordinates part is fine- but the simplest part (the description) has me stumped… the values for the description do not match up to the components properly. In the last screenshot, the values should obviously be alphabetic, as in the Excel

I think it is because the coordinates are formed from 2 lists joined together, it gets out of sync. In the second screenshot, the green/pink groups the 2 sets of XYZ coordinates. The grey part is the description, which goes into a text parameter.

I have tried various combinations of list manipulation such as combine/chop/join etc, but cannot get it right. If anyone can assist, I would appreciate it.



























You still don’t seem to have tried List.Sublists

I’ve tried to explain with an example in your earlier post…

thanks Vikram, that example helps.

I solved the earlier problem, but thought that this was a different issue

I will give it a try.



Hello Vikram

I have tried & tried, just can’t get it right…

If I post the dyn,xls and rfa files, would you be able to help me out


thank you




Do post the relevant files, it will help in providing a solution your problem.

Hi Vikram

thank you very much in advance. I have included relevant files below.

xyz coords v20

XYZ data sample restructured

2 point adaptive cylinder hollow 1700mm v2



Done, but I haven’t referenced the Excel file (as I don’t use Excel). xyz-coords-v20-20151209.dyn 20151209-1.rvt 20151209-3


fantastic, thanks Vikram- it is now working. I owe you a big favour.

I must admit I don’t fully understand the list manipulation- but I’ve only started with Dynamo in the last week or so.