From 2 list create 1 combined


I have 2 list. I want to create 1 with the values from both list with the same index.

list1 list2 combined
0 01 0 A 0 A-01
1 02 1 B 1 B-02
2 02 2 B 2 B-02
3 04 3 A 3 A-04

thanks Edwin.

you can try adding them like this:

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@EzDoesIt I’d go with @viktor_kuzev’s suggestion
However, if you really want to use String.Join

or in python:
OUT= [str(i)+"-"+str(j) for i,j in zip(IN[0],IN[1])]

Hello, I’ve tried your suggestion to combine the 4 lists, and something gos wrong with my lists (I’m really new at dynamo!!)
I just want to take one point by one of each list to create a polycurve,…Could you help me?

Thanks in advance


@GREG_RVT you’re feeding points into a node that deals with text.

Thanks for your answer @viktor_kuzev, as I said, I’m a very new architect in dynamo’s world; anyway I need to make a façade using dynamo. Now, I’ve tried whith the Code Block from @Vikram_Subbaiah, and I got what I wanted, each element from the list are 4 points, but right now, I can’t make a simple square with those points!

Thanks in advance

@GREG_RVT You’ll need to group and sequence your points properly
Hope the generic example below helps