Combining Strings from 3 different lists

I know this might sound pretty basic but I have been struggling with Dynamo list management for a while and I am now in need of a solution.I need to combine different data in a string in order to create a combined code, same as the image below

My problem is that the three inputs of the string.Join component should come from 3 lists, each of them composed of 105 elements. This means my final output should have 105 codes in the form shown in the picture above. This is what i get so far

Hope I have been clear, I am sure the solution is quite basic

I normally use a code block with “+” in it. You could probably also use String.Concat instead.

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this works great, thank you so much @Daan

This might be a bit more extendable (say you had 1000 sublists to join).


Are those thumbtacks new?

Pin wire feature introduced in Dynamo 2.13. Check this blog post for more info.

So not ‘new’ as they are 15 months old, but a feature perhaps missed as you’ve been using primarily using Dynamo for Revit , and as a result you have only had them for however long you’ve had 2023 deployed.

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Oh wow, been using sandbox 2.13 and up for a while now but never used this, my main workflow to do this is simply using a code block with only a variable

That’s still useful and likely best practice as long as you need to support Dynamo versions proceeding 2.13.