List.Contains is grey


Does anyone know how to fix this? List.Contains is grey, I have tried to re-install archi-lab and nothing seems to solve it.

revision tracking.dyn (290.0 KB)

Thank you in advance!


can you show the result of Get built in parameter & list contain Nodes ?


Because you’re not giving it an input… You need to provide it with a list


Here’s what I see

I also notice that I have notifications, they’re all the same notification. I wonder if that is causing the problem too.


Try this:


This gets rid of the grey!! Thank you so much!

However, I am not getting the result I am looking for. I am trying to track Revisions in Revit, and I was trying to follow this idea; please see link Sheet List with Revision Matrix


What result are you getting?


@JacobSmall, I have found what I was missing, but it says the Sheet.Revision is unresolved. would you have any suggestions on how to solve this?


That means you’re missing a package that contains this custom node. Check Archilab and Rhythm, but I can’t recall what package it’s from.


Thank you!! I had to replace the old node with the current node by Archilab. It works!!!

It does what I wanted. If you have better ideas on how to improve this process, please I would appreciate guidance.