Similar node List.ContainsItem from 1.2.1 to 2.3.0

Hello everyone,

i have some old skript for calculating floor surface , which i am trying to make work in revit 2020.2

my problem consist in the node List.ContainsItem from older ver. Dynamo which is automaticly changed in Dynamo with List.Contains

is there a easy way to change that node to a working one which can sustitute the same function of List.ContainsItem? or i have to forget fixing the original skrypt and try to make something compleatly new to achieve my goal.
My knowledge of Dynamo is very limited and i am not able to do complex nodes in Dynamo. I will be very happy with whatever help comes here.

I let a .dyn if someone wants to have a look at it.

Thank you all.

@Ivanov Welcome to Dynamo community…you are trying calculate Floor surface right? or else please clarify…

My base point is to schedule clean floor surface area in rooms by getting the parameter from the floor. Basicly what iam doing is:

First i create two shared parameters in revit model

  1. one for floors, where will be written the same name of the room (to identify every space with every floor). for example: A.01.06 same in floor and room.
  2. second parameter for Rooms, where equal the surface of the floor which is in the specific Room.

so that in my tag room i need to show my Room area and my floor area (on the pic: ?), like i show on the picture

additionaly in my schedule of room i can see both surface areas - Room surface area and Floor Surface area.

So i found the solution for my problem.
I just had to add List.Map to the problem node and fix the connection. :smiley: