List all instances of Element in a summary-style schedule?

Hi. I’m trying to generate a door schedule that is more like what our partners used to do in Autocad (I know, I know…). I don’t think Revit can do this out of the box, so I’m wondering if I’ll need to dig into Dynamo or Excel or etc… It seems like a simple ask, but I’ve spent hours googling and everything I find seems to be either more complicated or explains out of the box scheduling. Here’s a simple diagram of what I want…

Can anyone point me in a direction I can look into? Is Dynamo able to do this or would another tool be more appropriate. Thanks!


By the ‘out of the box’ comment, are you talking about listing the door numbers within a cell?

It wouldn’t be a live update, but you could take each door typing, collect all the door numbers of that type, convert that to a single string, and plug the string into a shared parameter specifically used for the task. You would have to re-run this after model changes though.

That being said, it’s a time investment for schedule aesthetics when you can just choose to have a very long door schedule instead.

thanks for the quick reply!

by out of the box, i was referring to a typical long door schedule, wherein every instance of a door has a corresponding row in the schedule. we have 2 buildings with 60 units so that quickly results in a whole lot of tiny, long, duplicated door schedule text…

i’m ok having it not be a live update / having to rerun this occasionally. it would only need to happen when we print those sheets (not that often)… so would dynamo be a good tool to collect all that info, sort, concatenate the strings into a single one and then export to a new parameter? could i then ask it to generate my new output into a new “special” schedule?

I know it’s a time sink for aesthetic reasons, but I do what I can to get what our partners want to see… unless it becomes impossible or horribly counterproductive. I often learn new skills along the way so I try to not have my default answer be “nope. sorry. revit can’t do that…”

i should clarify that the only real difference between this and a typical non-itemized door schedule is that the first cell of each row would contain the names of all the items that row is referring to.

Short answer yes, the only difference from what you’ve outlined would be that you’d just have a modified door schedule that includes the text parameter already set up in Revit, versus building one from scratch with the script.

The process might look something like:
Collect all doors.
Group the doors by their type.
Grab the door number parameter data for the groupings.
Join the list strings.
Push the strings (basically your first cell column) back into the door elements as a specific parameter.
If the table is already built, it should just populate.

ok. excellent… i guess i’ll dig in and try to make a dynamo script now! :slight_smile: fortunately all those steps seem pretty straightforward. and searchable. i appreciate the help!

@mmm_arto I believe it’d be much easier to simply export a list of all the door with the relevant parameters and then do a Quick Filter in Excel.

If I did that, would I then import the filtered excel data back into revit and create a new “schedule” with it instead? it would actually just be an imported generic table at that point wouldn’t it? We ultimately want this all to live on revit sheets, otherwise I’d just do it in bluebeam or indesign… thanks!

Alternatively I could add a new parameter (the string which is a list of all instances) to each door in excel based on the sort/filter and then reimport to revit. Then generate a new door schedule which would also display that new parameter… then when I uncheck itemize each instance the summary would display my desired cell with the new string… I THINK that would work…