Linking data in a list to a Schedule?




I have assembled a dynamo-file that reads the different wall types in my project and compiles their structural
assembly into a list.

The ultimate goal is to read this data/text into a Schedule or Wall Legend in Revit in order to save time
when working with a large project and automatically updating the text from dynamo when changing a wall type.

I have tried exporting it to an Excel Sheet, but then getting it back into Revit and yada, yada…
seems such a hassle and not so streamlined so it might be faster to just do it the good old manual way in the end… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Or maybe you know a good workflow for that strategy that I couldn’t figure out?

When researching I bumped into a thread talking about a dynamo-component that creates schedules in revit, I think it is called "ViewSchedule.Create…or similar… but I can’t find it in any package?!
Maybe that’s the solution I’m looking for?

Anyways, after scratching my head and going in circles over this topic for a couple of days,
I now look to you all for advice…

Any help, ideas, clues or tips are highly appreciated!

Ps. If anyone wants to have a look on the file you’ll need the clockwork package…

Greetings from Oslo!


180411_Wall types parameters.dyn (49.5 KB)



If you create a number (the highest amount of wall layers of a wall in your project) of shared parameters, add them as project parameters and set them to the wall category, you can map the values of the wall layers to them and have them in a schedule and in tags.


Thank you for your prompt reply Marcel,
I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I’m looking forward to try your approach!


Dear @Marcel_Rijsmus, (or someone else who is able to answer?)

I’m trying your suggestion with setting up shared parameters for the material and thickness of the different wall layers of my wall types. However I have difficulties with the step of mapping the values of my wall layers to the shared parameters.

I have tried to find the answer in the revit forum and elswhere online, but to no avail…

So step by step my question is;

1: I have some shared parameters for materials and widths of a wall buildup

2: How can these values be mapped into these shared parameters?

3: The goal is to have them in Schedules and tags eventually…

If you read this far, thank you for your time! Any tips are highly appreciated!

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Did you make the parameters Project Parameters -comming from your Shared Parameter File- and add those as a type parameter set to the wall category?


I have double checked, and I think that I have set it up correctly.

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This is just a graph as an example, i had just 1 wall type.

wall layers.dyn (10.1 KB)



Ah! I get it… I misunderstood and thought you ment to map it from within Revit:)
That clears up the confusion!
Marcel, thank you so much,
you really helped me out and I learned about working with shared parameters in the process!

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Best compliment of the day, so far :slight_smile: