Scheduling Panel Schedule Graphics

My type of projects involve hundreds of electrical panel schedules. We typically place no more than 9 Panel Schedules per sheet as shown in the picture.

as of now, I have to type every panel schedule name in the schedule key. If I change positions, or if I move the schedule to another sheet, I have to remember to also update the schedule key. People forget.
Is there a good way to create this schedule keys by running dynamo?


Thank you in advance!

Can you not add the panel name as a parameter to a Revit schedule? I am imagining something like how the keynotes notes work where it only shows if it is on the sheet.

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That sounds interesting, would you show me an example?

I am thinking it would be great if we could have something like a key note legend schedule that shows panels schedules on sheet.

Have you read through this post?

Around comment 30 there is a file that may be beneficial… Please read it first so you understand what they are doing and what you might need to change though.

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I am the one that is still working on that file. It is 95 percent done but only missing a way to alert the user via pop up that some panels was not found due to the panel names not matching the panel schedule name. Also that last file has been revised since the last time I posted it to add more detail and modules to it. If you have any questions, just reply to the post that dsmith linked to you so that I am notified.

Heads up, the program does not work on duplicate schedules on sheets. I am currently working on having that pop up as a separate parallel process to let the user know which schedules are duplicated and hopefully tell the user which sheets that they are on.

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Thank you for the update @dknightF2XRY

@dknightF2XRY, thank you for sharing this with me! I like how it works but I think I am missing something in the graph I am testing. Is this supposed to create a schedule with sheet location of all my Panelboards?

Yes. Look to the far right of the workspace. Those nodes that are frozen are responsible for creating a schedule in revit with the sheet locations of the panel schedules. Notice that you may have to create shared parameters of the parameters you want to use to place this information into before creating the schedule. This way those parameters will be the same across all your revit projects. Given some companies, you may have to request this to be done.

With all that being said, It seems that the schedule key is an industry thing. I thought it was just my company. If you want this to work for schedule keys, this may not be the best way of doing so. However this will create a overall schedule of what sheets each schedule is on. You will still have to fill out the schedule key manually since this program does not tell you the position on the sheet that the schedule is located.

For that you will need to modify or create a program that reports the position of a panel schedule on a sheet along with what sheet it is on. Then if you you use standard sheet sizes, have that sheet divided by the number of schedules you usually place on a sheet. then program it so that it will tell you the name of the schedule that falls within a certain range of the sheet and output that name to the key to the corresponding spot on the schedule key. Thing is, that would mean that you would need separate keys for every sheet and each project does not have the same number of sheets for panel schedules.

Another option is to duplicate the output schedule the number of times you have sheets. Then sort each one by sheet name and drag each one onto their corresponding sheet. That way if you take one off or put one on, the mini schedule will update. However it will not show were on the sheet it is located because it most likely be in abc order.

Let me know if you like more info.

@dknightF2XRY, currently I have created an annotation family that has a few instance parameter that I have to type myself. Then I create Note Block schedules to keep track of the panelboards shown on my sheets. none of this was done using Dynamo.

I am trying to see if I could add a parameter “Key Position” in a Panel Schedule Graphic that is also an instance parameter. then run dynamo to compare if Key Position (From Panel Shedule Graphic) = Key Position (From Annotation Family) and both are located in the same Sheet, then place the name of the Panel Schedule in the, Annotation Family, Sheet Name parameter.

CCG_Panelboard Key.rfa (264 KB)

Now remember if you plan on having this work for your team, it will have to work on different projects with different number of schedules and sheets. Plus your projects will have to be set up by default to have said parameters included. With that being said, You will have to have dynamo read or write to that instance parameter. Also you have to figure out how to extract the coordinates so that when you move the panel schedule on the same sheet, dynamo will recognize that it moved to a new location and rearrange your schedule key accordingly. I recommend making a coding flow chart so that you know what you need to have done. Some how you have to relate the key position to a set range area on each sheet. for instance key position 1 is for schedules that are in this particular area of the sheet.

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