Create excel schedule with itemised doors sheets with info

Hi everyone,
I have a large project with a lot of doors. I was hoping I could create an excel schedule that would create a new sheet/tab for every door with all the relevant information from my schedule, fire/ironmongery etc.
I want to have a sheet to stick each door to hopefully make installation a little clearer.
Would appreciate any help you can give.

Totally possible!

Hope this helps

for view creation of the doors this might help

Hi Danos,
Thanks for the reply. Can I ask what package the Data.ExportExcel comes from?

That is an out of the box node which comes with Dynamo 2.0 and up.

I’m using Dynamo within Revit 19 and version and when i search for this i cannot find it. Sorry if this seems like a simple question but I am only starting to get to grips with Dynamo

Info on the 1.x version of the node can be found here: Dynamo Dictionary