Linking to excel sheets not working properly after running a Dynamo script

Hi everybody,


I have a problem with a small test project of mine.

I’m a newbie when it comes to Dynamo so don’t shoot me on this one. :slight_smile:

The project goal is to get data out of my Revit model and into excel so the calculation department can add a price to it.

I’ve made a small model of 4 structural foundations, 4 columns, a floor and 4 beams that make 2 roof trusses.

Using the script I pull data (Family + volume/amount) out of my Revit model and put it in 4 excel sheets/tabs in a file called : Datasheets.xlsx

Opening the Calculations.xlsx file gives me the total cost of my model.

BUT…this only works when I keep the Calculations file closed!!

When I want to see it “live” like I would like it to work because the files will be opened at the same time (by me running an data update and by the calculator checking if there are updates) the excel link from the calculations file to the Datasheets file gets lost.

This happens because Dynamo deletes the current Datasheet tabs and replaces them with complete new ones! Dynamo doesn’t overwrite them!

Is this an error from my end? Did I got the Dynamo script wrong or is this a Dynamo error?

I put all the files are in here: Dynamo testing if you want to test it for your self.

I realy like to know how to solf this. On Youtube I see people that alter there Revit models by changing value’s in excel and vise versa so it must be possible.

I hope you can help me.


With kind regards,

Mike Wellink

The Netherlands