Dynamo Excel Output - Overwriting Too Much

Second topic here. I would like to write data from Revit through Dynamo into an Excel document. However, I would like to retain formulas and column headers in the destination document, if possible. I am seeing the process wipe out rows containing column headers even though they are before the assigned start Row number. I am also seeing data links which reference cells on this sheet be broken when the data is written… I can only assume it is re-creating or re-naming the individual sheet when it writes the data and so the link is lost. Anybody have any workarounds here?

Specifically, I want to user Revit for ventilation schedules, but since Revit can’t handle pulldowns or lookups in formulas, I am trying to bounce the data through Excel so that an engineer can do that part efficiently. Open to any ideas or suggestions!

Make sure overwrite is set to false and that may solve some of the issues. I would need to see the graph to get into more specifics. Personally I use a “raw data” sheet for all of my excel output, and then use references between sheets to get the right data. Works like a charm usually and allows me to duplicate sheets to allow for storing “old versions” in the same file.

Also, I believe pulldowns are doable via a key schedule, which can then be used in formulas inside a revit schedule. Been using that type of workflow for occupancy and fixture calcs for awhile now. Doesn’t allow the flexibility of excel though.

Thanks! Still breaking links with the overwrite set to false, but revisiting via key schedules to see if i can get a quicker short term solution. Thanks for the feedback!


I would just like to bump this. I can’t seem to find anyway to leave any saved data in an excel file without the “write to file” node overwriting the entire file. Whether its set to false overwrite or true.

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Please upload your dyn and rvt files for others to test with. Rebuilding graphs and Revit files to provide help is very time consuming.

The problem I’ve had is that empty lists and cells still overwrite the data (so they’ll end up empty). I’m not sure if that’s your problem but it’s something to keep in mind.