Issue Committing Changes to Project

I’m having an issue running a graph to create sheets where the sheets create correctly, but if I change the variables (sheet name / number) and run it again, the sheets I created previously disappear (get renamed?) and I’m totally stumped as to why. Even after closing Dynamo & Revit and running the graph again the same behavior persists and I have no clue what is causing the issue or how to avoid it. I tried putting a transaction start & end in the graph and that didn’t really do much. Oddly, if I use Dynamo Player it seems to work, although it pops a warning every time.

Revit 2018.2

I have the exact same problem, except I do not have Dynamo Player option, since I’m running Dynamo 1.2.

I am creating 100+ sheets, and would like to have an option to generate additional 10 if the need arrives later on, without the need to delete all previously generated sheets.

Restarting Dynamo and Revit does not seem to have any effect. Is there any way to force dynamo to break link with created sheets ID’s, so that the re-run would create new sheets instead of pushing data to the existing ones? I am using Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView to generate sheets, Names and Numbers of the sheets are changed between the runs.

@Chad_Clary, I am not trying to hijack the tread, but it seams to me we have the same issue.