Linking Dynamo to Spacegass

Just wondering if there is a way to link Dynamo/Dynamo Scripts to a structural Analysis software called “Spacegass”?
I have found ways where you can make the dynamo script, put it in Revit then take it from Revit to Spacegass - Just wondering if there is a more direct insert path that doesn’t involve messing with the API?

Is anyone able to shed some light on this?


If you have found some ways of using Dynamo and Spacegass could you please post what you have found so far? It certainly will help. I have never heard of Spacegass so I am not sure how much help you are going to get.

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There are a few posts around the forum about making Dynamo work with other software, but it appears that spacegass has no API, and therefore there won’t be an easy way to make Dynamo interact with it.

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I know Grasshopper is an available source for this. Perhaps the best way to get around it is either learn grasshopper or import from Revit after executing a script in there?

Mantis Shrimp perhaps?