Door Head/Jamb Detail from Host wall

Hello everyone I’m new to Dynamo and my office is requesting me to generate a Door schedule that determines the Head/Jamb details we have set up in our details sheet depending on the partition wall type. For example let’s say my door is placed on a 8” CMU wall it will get detail xx , if it’s placed on a wood stud wall it will get detail yy etc… hope it makes sense any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks :pray:


I would first give the door a hostwall parameter. After that you will be able to trigger it via this parameter meter. You should create some kind of a dictionary f.e. “STB : Detail01”, “MK : Detail02”,“GK : Detail03”
You can keys/Values to manage your detail.

(pic dictionary, here in this examples the values trigger detail-components)

(classic script, if you have a good naming-convention it is easy to deal with)

Thank you so much for this I’m trying to make sense of the logic used here, sorry I’m new to dynamo!

Hello Andreas thank you for this , I’m very new to Dynamo and this is my first try at understanding can you please tell me which of the scripts I should be looking at ?? Or the one I can try ? Thank you and sorry for being a noob !

First do it manualy! if this workflow runs well you can do a script

as it seems, you need these 2 Parameters in your schedule you have to maintain them.

Thank you Andreas! I will try it out!