Linked Views on Sheets

Hi fellow Revit and dynamo users. We need to do an extreme housekeeping in one of our projects in my practice. It is an ongoing project that started in 2013 and is due to end in 2018.
The project is set out as follows:
We have multiple interlinked Revit Models for the geometry (ie: Retail, Retail Façade, Residential, Public Realm and so on…) and all of these files are linked in an additional ‘Container’ Revit file from which all package sheets are created. On the ‘Container’ File the views on the sheets are displayed using the ‘By Linked View’ display.

I was wondering if there is a fast and clever way to create a list which shows the names of the linked views.
We essential need to keep only the views that are linked in the container and used on sheets and delete all the other views that are created on all the linked geometry revit files.

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as far as I am aware there is no API access to that information.

I confirm that those settings are not exposed through the API. However, if you set them up advance inside your view templates, you should be able to quickly change them for multiple views.

A little off topic, but I thought I’d chime in and say that most folks would not use the By Linked View in their templates because they are most likely linking to a specific floor’s view. You wouldn’t want a view template for each floor simply to have a floor’s linked view.

What I’ve done in the past is create a series of view templates that you only “apply” without “assigning” to your views. You could have one per floor to manage the Revit links only.

I’m looking to access this same info (by linked view) option within views. Has this by chance accessible in the Revit 2018 API?