Lineworks tool on all elements in view

Hello all,

A very short question i believe…

Our company uses floor overlays to show ONLY the walls standing on the floor in view.
I need to manually select all walls to hide the cut lines with the lineworks tool…

I can select all elements in view since there is nothing but walls in the view, but i cant find a node to use the lineworks tool with invisible lines.

Is there a way to make Dynamo use the lineworks tool?

since the linework tool is not visible in the API, why not use:

  • either visibility graphics
  • either Override Graphics in view

Because i cant set a cut line to invisible with graphical overrides.

An 'invisible’line pattern cant be made.
So to hide the lines i have to use the linework tool if i am correct…

if you put the color of in Floor :slight_smile:

That’s not possible either…
We use multiple grayscale colors depending on floor thickness.
And on the floor plan under the overlay we show walls which are below the floor, if i give the lines a color they blot out the wall lines below the floor.

I really cant do any other work around than using the line works tool.


Is there really no way to use the line works tool in Dynamo?

Hello @MVE1112
My recommendation is to create a filter that would do it for you.
Please let me know if I correctly understood you issue.

Hi Victor,

I can not have a color override filter since the lines need to be removed completely, any color override will clash with either the lines from underlying walls or the color of the floor.

The lines must be set to which is not possible in a filter or linepattern.

The only tool that can do this is lineworks as far as i know.
Therefor, i need a way to make dynamo use the lineworks tool on all elements in a view.

Im sorry to bump this up once more…

I could really use a suggestion…

Is there no way at all to get dynamo to use the linework tool on selected objects?