Visibility Graphics - Show hidden lines - API call


I was wondering if anyone has managed to access “Show hidden lines by element” through dynamo at all? We are looking for a way to automate the display of hidden lines by element as the tool is pretty clunky out of the box and doesn’t work well for 200 facade panels, each with 4 mullions that need to be visible through them (that’s a lot of clicks).

I figured that there must be a way to batch automate this through Dynamo but couldn’t locate the right API call - any suggestions would be very welcome!


you can override the curtain wall panel visibility and change its transparency. that will make the mullions behind them show. are they the same family? nested? if they are not the same family you can also put a filter on a view and override transparency on those panels in that way.

Ps. I fail to follow the “show hidden lines by element” part of your question. do you care to walk me through that process step by step so I can better understand what you are trying to do.


I think that David is referring to this dreaded method:

Last time I checked, it was only exposed as a postable command and that means that it can not be used programatically.


Are you trying to show the hidden mullions in an elevation or a section? If that’s the case, recreating them with detail lines could be another option.

Yeah, I haven’t seen this thing in an API. As a matter of fact I have never used this button in the UI as well. I was living such a sheltered life I guess. Anyways dude, you can literally just do an override by element in view, change transparency for Curtain Wall Panels and then change Mullion Visibility to dashed and that will get you close enough for my liking. That can also be all automated with API calls.

Thanks for the suggestions. The reason we were using this method was that at least with 2016 there was a bug where printing to PDF as raster messed up the display when using transparency and we also had a request that visually all that was wanting to be displayed was the dashed lines of the mullions beneath.

I agree that the ideal would be to override the transparency but it wasn’t giving us what we wanted at that point. At this point maybe we can live with cheating it with detail lines - however it’s not the cleanest solution!


Have a look at this: LINK

I had a user ask me before about posting a command from Dynamo. I think it might be possible, it’s certainly possible with Revit plug-ins etc.


Also refer to this for details on how to call them: LINK

Ps. Huge thanks to Gabriel for sharing that link with me. :slight_smile:

Cheers Konrad - I’ll take a peek down the rabbit hole there!

Is het function still not callable?

I stumbled upon similar task. I have many elevations, and want to show hidden lines of windows, I am doing it manually, picking each wall …its would be very helpful to have `Show Hidden lines’ node in dynamo ? or did someone solved it ?