Dynamo for Revit: Linework tool for Ceilings, doable?

Everyone knows that when viewing reflected ceiling plans in Revit that the Ceiling Edge lines are “masked” by the Wall edge lines due to the cut plane being below the ceiling.

Normally I take the time to hit every ceiling edge line with the linework tool to get the full thickness of the ceiling line to show. It would be great if some sort of “Draw Order” tool existed to make this a non-issue, but there isn’t (to my knowledge).

The next best thing would be to automatically hit these ceiling edge lines with a line type using Dynamo and the Linework tool.


The question is, is the Linework tool accessible through the API and can what I am proposing be done using Dynamo?

Linework tool doesn’t appear to be visible in the api. We can however override all lines of elements, categories, or types.

Consider using a view filter, visibility graphics control, view template, or element override on walls to thin out their profile lines that way. This can be done via Dynamo or manually, but I suggest manually first.

I have done that and it still masks the Floor and/or ceiling edges. I was hoping to be able to achieve what I am trying to do with Dynamo. No matter what I do, my walls mask floors and ceilings. =(