Line with text

Is it possible ‘yet’ to have a detail line or model line with text? Not the line base family option.

Can this be done programmaticlly?

----- PWR ----- PWR -----
----- CO ----- CO -----
----- LTG ----- LTG -----

Nope… Still not possible as far as I’m aware… Yes, you could do it programmatically, however, the best way I could imagine is by drawing the line, then programmatically adding the text at x intervals either splitting the line either side of the text or using opaque text.

I’d use a repeating detail component.

doing it programmatically
Would this be as a line with text as one element, or text placed on a line, two separate elements?

I figure if it could be done programmatically and be one line as in AutoCAD, someone would have cashed in on it by now.

It would be two elements, a line and text. And anytime you changed the line the text would be left behind and you would need to run the script again. It would be good if they made this a thing in revit, it’s been a wish list item for pretty much as far back as I can remember.

Perhaps a more practical solution would be to do something along the lines of what @steinah6 suggests.


I have a line base family, was just curios if AutoDesk released this and I missed it or if it could be done programmiclly.

Railing or an adaptive component family perhaps?

Not sure what your end goal is so hard to say what’s best as a ‘single’ object but there are ways to hack the system. .

Hi Jacob,
No end goal, was just curios if Revit ‘now’ has ability to have text in lines, or if it was possible to program text into a line.

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