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Hi there,

I’m trying to connect 4 sets of points through lines. Here is an exxample.


Soo, there are 4 lines, two of them have 4 points, while the remaining two only have 3. I need the last point of the lines with only three points to connect to the fourth point of one of the other two lines. Meaning this third point would be the starting point of 2 lines: (third point; third point) and (third point; fourth point). Basicly, I need a line in the red areas.

I tryed changing the lacing and the levels of the nodes but couldn’t acomplish what I needed (maybe I’m doing something worng). Mind you that if possible I didn’t want to separate the set of points as seen in the following print.


I know it would solve the problem, but it would cause me other problems in the long run.

Thx in advance!
Luís Sanhudo

I’m a little confused as to why that won’t work either…
You could always use List Matcher from Lunchbox to extend the shorter list though.

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Hi Nick! Thx for the quick response. Tested your solution and it works if list A always displays an higher index number than list B. Its my fault since I gave a bad example: either list A or B can have multiple indexes containing more points than the other. Which means some indexes in A can have more points than B, some indexes in B can have more points than A or they can even match.

Here are a few prints of the actual problem I’m trying to solve.


As you can see, sometimes the first list has more points than the second, but the opposite can also occur.

In that case you might be better splitting into two nodes. :confused:

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The problem with splitting in more nodes, is that there can be 8 lines with points or over 70 as in the previous prints. I don’t think it would be feasible to solve the problem like that. I think it is really strange that the longest lacing doesn’t solve the problem :frowning:

Anyone has other sugestions?

Just to be sure, when you say “splitting in two nodes” you mean the solution I stated in the original post that would cause more problems right?

That is strange. I wonder if it is a bug? any way try something like this. I duplicated the last point of the shorter list. This way the list lengths match.

(The first two images are my fails at trying it.)



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