Loop through List of Points to get Start & end Point

This is probably a dumb question, newbie alert. I have a list of points as you can see in the image.
The list in steps in increments of 4. The four points make a rectangle that I want to use for a Start and End Point of an object.

item 0 = SP First object
Item 1 = EP First Object & SP of Second Object
Item 3 = EP of Second object % SP of third Object
Item 4 = EP of third object & SP of fourth Object
Item 0 = EP of Fourth object.

Ideas? (I come from a programming background and trying to force myself to OOTB Dynamo to complete this)


Use List.Chop with Length 4 or use List.Sublist if you want to start with the end of previous list.

My End Solution.
Combining the Lacing and adding and removing items from duplicate lists got me the start and end points.