Lacing problem

Hi guys, this is probably a pretty simple problem but Im struggling with it. I think I have tried every single posibility in lacing and level structure but still doesn´t get to the solution. The thing is I want to make a line from every point in every list to all the points of the other list in the same list index. To make it clear, if:

Pretended solution:

You want level 2 on both, with cross product lacing by the looks of it.

Its not working for some reason. I have marked yellow the points of the first list (index 0)and (those who go to “start point”) and red the points of the second list (index 0) (those who go to “end point”). So, every red point should have a line to every yellow point right? But that isn´t happening. See the pic. Thanks for your anwser.

I believe this has to do with how certain nodes run in Auto or how they handle list mapping by default. Either way it usually just takes a little extra list management to get the correct list structure.

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Works like a charm! Now Im gonna try to understand it… Thanks!

Instead of trying to use lacing I just matched the list structure. This is a common solution for weird list structures or complex lacing.
Now there is a sublist in the top list for each point in the bottom list. Everything pairs up nicely.

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And how I would “make this back”?. I mean, I have changed the list structure and now I still need to manage this info. In this example what I want to do is, for every yellow point, get the closest red point. Now that I have change the structure, I can get the lines done but Im struggling again with getting the shorters paths. Would you do something like “undo” the previous step?

You just need to use Keep list structure in order to maintain the same list hierarchy.

EDIT: Actually, in your case you don’t even need to use list levels. Then node will match the list structure by default.

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Or you know, good opportunity to learn replication guides.