List management and lines


can someone help me with list management and lines? I got three lists with points:

List A = pA1, pA2;

List B = pB1, pB2, pB3, pB4, pB4, pB5

List C = pC1, pC2

I would like to draw the lines from point pA1 to all point in List B (pB1, pB2, pB3, pB4, pB4, pB5) and also from point pA2 to all points in List B. Than the lines from List B to List C.

How can I manage the lists to get it works with line Line.ByStartPointEndPoint?

Regards, Milorad


Have you tried making them into sub-lists and using lacing?

ie. ListA={pA1,pA2}

ListB={pB1, pB2, pB3, pB4, pB4, pB5}

When you do Line.ByStartPointEndPoint, change lacing onto ‘Cross Product’

Repeat for the lower ones :slight_smile:

thanks Sol Amour

Here is a Code Block example :slight_smile:

Points and lacing