Line based family hosted on wall wrong orientation


I have got a line based dowel family hosted to the bottom of a wall. When the profile of the wall is not edited the family is orientated the right way but when it is edited the family is upside down. Can someone please provide an explanation and possibly a solution?

I believe editing a profile adjusts how the wall defines its curves as its sketch becomes a curveloop in API terms.

Not at my desk now but checking which way the normal of a plane at midpoint of that curve faces might indicate if the normal points down versus up in that case.

Hi @GavinCrump,

Thanks for your reply - both walls and surfaces are orientated the same way. Is there any more checks I could do?

Looks to me like the sketch lines might be the cause, you can get them using the springs package and testing if they are parallel to the normal of the wall location line (and if not reversing the curves) might be the go.

Home.dyn (16.8 KB)

@GavinCrump Reversing the sketch lines didn’t seem to change anything unfortunately. Please find attached below - let me know if they look odd to you.

I’m not sure if it’s the cause - it’s just a lead to explore. Beyond this hopefully someone else has some ideas.