Line based family Vertical line insert

Please see an image when I insert the line based families the vertical lines are acting more like a point and the families are inserted at the base laying down facing one direction in the world instead of being vertical. How do I get around this? This seems like a basic functionality that is missing from a component.

I’d need to see the graph and have the family posted to know what the issue is. Category and family setup matter as much as the graph here.

Hi Jacob,

Please find attached as requested. I am using same line based family for vertical and horizontal battens.
Wall battens vertical.dyn (76.4 KB) Batten 45x70.rfa (356 KB)

Additionally what I am struggling with is identifying which walls edge is left and which is right because it seems to read the end polylines on wall in the direction the wall has been originally drawn similar to the direction of a curve. Maybe you have a better idea on how to separate the edges? Thank you for your help in advance!

More about it here: Wall Edge Refrences - Genius Loci


Jonas Blazinskas

Just a small update, I have noticed that my edge lines are being flipped upside down(one of them is always going in different direction then the other that’s why I apply curve revers) and left to right depending if the window/door cuts through bottom of the wall or not. This is caused by the Wall Edges References it seems. Is there a better way to extract and figure out which edge is left or right if looking from external side of the panel?

Bump, still haven’t figured out how insert a family on a vertical line.

I would recommend you to transform your family to adaptive one with 2 adaptive points. Line based families I think are always horizontal. After you created adaptive family place it with points. (line start and end points)

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Will test on monday, thank you for your help!

It works thank you!

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Problem is that now the battens are only facing one way no matter the wall direction. Did i create the family incorrectly? Adaptive Batten.rfa (340 KB)

Why not build a single family with the nested parts placed correctly and then place that on top of the existing window, with the L/W/D set to instance parameters read by the window? Or an adaptive component with 4 linear components nested inside it?

I mean over all this has so many variables, that all come from the wall and its openings and certain construction requirements, such as that the battens on top, left, bottom and right need to be controlled individually, dpc battens above window and at the set distance from the bottom of the wall, as well as even variable spacing for the horizontal battens for the cladding, that is if the wall has cladding altogether.

I just don’t think such complexity should be captured with families, when I should just be able to insert a line or adaptive based family by providing a line in dynamo no matter the direction.