Levels + Ids

i have lists with room geometries; that is ok and working. (you can see the definition with geometry and selected level working)

i now tried to automatically assign levels to the floors to create.

the levels i retrieved from element parameters (Element.GetParameterValueByName) as you can see i get Ids.

now i thought that with release 0.7 dynamo automatically assigns the level from given id?

what is my error?

I did some quick digging and it turns out that the floor node is specifically looking for a “Level” input (whatever that is). I tried feeding it fp, integer, string and it only worked when fed from the level node.

Also for the floors to be created on two separate levels, it seems you need to create the curve geometry on the proper elevation. Otherwise it creates both floors at the same place and just assigns it to the upper level with a negative offset.

Hope this helps.

2014-07-24_101502 2014-07-24_101515