Level reference for room

Dear all

Thanks for all your great suggestions and tips for Dynamo.

I have some issue that I haven’t succeed to solve. I like to bring out the level information of a room, sounds simple but there are issues.

If I use Element.Get.ParameterValue.ByName (name=Level) the Dynamo shows different values: level number or ID number or Level name and reference.

If I use Element.Level, then the output is okay, as long the room are placed! If I delete a room in the model (placeholder design), then the room would keep it´s reference to the level.

As you would see in the attached file, then I tried some different solution.


Any solution how to make sure that Dynamo would show the right value of room levels?

If you just want the name of the level as a string. Use “Element.GetLevelNameAsString” from Rhythm.