Level elbows


I am new here. There is this thing that i have to do in every elevation view and section view. It is so tedious and stupid and it takes me forever to do it. I was wondering if Dynamo can automate this.

Its about level elbows. I have many levels and I have to click on each of them to make it readable. Do you think it is possible to automate this? Thanks

Is this impossible?

Honestly no clue. There are a few methods in the API you could try but I don’t know exactly as it has never come across my mind. That being said, if you are having trouble getting responses, it helps to show if/what you have tried and looked into so far so people don’t feel like they are doing all of someone else’s work. Here is what I have found from the API:

These all exist under the Level class:
AddLeader method
GetLeader method
SetLeader method

Ok thanks. I ll try.
Btw, I just wanted to read the opinions about whether it is possible or not, not the whole solution :slight_smile: .