Learning Optimo + Robot Structural Analysis


Buongiorno Claudio

The Dynamo - Optimo - Robot workflow is something a bit hard to solve on the first attempt, but you got already some result. I worked on the same thing at the end of last year, comparing robot results with the Dynamic Relaxation ones. With the new versions of Dynamo and Robot something seems changed, so I tried to solve your problem but I’ve recieved some new errors. Since I’m currently working on Structural Optimization I’ll help you on that, hopefully we’ll make it work soon. Could you please attach you .dyn?


I’m focusing on the files from Dieter Vermeulen’s lesson at Autodesk University becouse i’m sure that they work, the process always stops after 28 iterations, it only work with small numbers returning less precise values. I thought my computer was the problem so i move to another notebook with windows 7 instead of windows10, i’ve installed Robot 2018 and Dynamo 1.3 and the process stops after exactly 28 iterations, the same as my computer. I’m starting to feel that the problem is in the new versions of Robot or Dynamo becouse i’ve no more idea on how to resolve this.
I’ll try to install the same version of the program used at the presentation and i’ll update the post with the results.


If someone has the same problem i talked to Mohammad Rahmani Asl and he suggested to save the iterations in a csv file and use it to make a new initial population, becouse it seems that Dynamo fills the memory.


Hi Cleo
Did you figure out how to write to and draw information from a csv file?