Optimo + Robot

I’m trying to use Optimo package to optimize simple construction, but I have some problems with runnig script for more than 1 Number of Generations and I’ve got no idea why I got null in my results.

Here are files with optimazation script and custom nodes.

I’d be greatful for some help

@Jonathan.Olesen Hi, I read some optimo - topics, where you were responding and I saw that you are into Optimo. If you got some time, i’d be very thankful for your help.

Have you made sure to disable freeze of results in RSA?

Yes, I disabled it. Also, when I’m trying run samples from Autodesk academy made by @Dieter_Vermeulen , I get the same effect. I have no idea what’s the issue. I tried to use Dynamo Sandbox 2.5, Dynamo Revit 2.1 and RSA 2019/2020 and still it does not work

I am missing some input to be able to run your graph… :slight_smile: