Bachelor thesis

Hey guys,
im a civil engineer student and I’m very interested in dynamo. I think about to write my bachelor thesis about a specific dynamo topic. I want to design a parametric model of a structure and link it to Robot Structural Analysis. Make the whole static of the structure and after that optimize stresses,strains, displacements thorugh geometrically changes with the optimo package. Is this even possible to say optimo “hey minimize this with geometrically changes in a specific range of some parameters”?
Would be awesome if someone could answer this.

Greetings from Germany

Hi, @m.k! It is definitely possible, have a look here:
Requires some studying, though! :wink:


And it should require some studying! Otherwise it would be lame to get a bachelor :smiley:
Mucho grande thank you for this link! If you or others got more helpful stuff, just post it. I need everything!

Well, I’ve written a blogpost about it, kinda silly example I guess, but shows that you can use it for a lot of different optimizational challenges:


Wow, thank you. Your explanation of the optimization terms are really great! Also found a Autodesk University Session about it. I’m really happy that it is possible to do this stuff.

I don’t know much about the Optimo package but I’m very interested in the optimization of design proposals through Dynamo. Good luck!

Everything is alright and ready and I will start in april to write about the optimization with dynamo! Thank you again, guys!

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