RSA dynamo-Optimo input

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to learn and understand how to use genetic algorithm from the Optimo package for dynamo and robot structural analysis.

As example i use the class of Dieter Vermeulen “Dynam(o)ite Your design for Engineers”(ES9542) method ‘brute force search’

Below is my dynamo sheets which creates just a simple bar on three supports. The script works.

But what i don’t understand is how does the custom node “Simplebar 0_02” know what input it should use?

What i figured out is that the order of parameters in red box 1 needs to be the same order as in red box 2.

I hope someone can explain me how this works?

/or where to find more information about this method?

The files are attached.

Gr Edward

BFS-optimo learn 0_01.dyn (28.7 KB) Simple_scoring.dyf (14.9 KB) Simplebar 0_02.dyf (54.2 KB)

@Dieter_Vermeulen @Jonathan.Olesen can someone of you or someone else help me a little with my question?

Kind regards Edward.

Hi @1234eddie

Well, you’re right the placement of your input in “Simplebar 0_02” matters, this is caused by how “List.Combine” operates" as it takes the first value of input “list1” and applies this with first value of input “list2” etc. to the first, second, third etc. member of the “comb” input. Thus your number of lists to combine should match the ones awaiting input in your “comb” node.

By not applying all the input directly to the node you can use it as a function through the “List.Combine” (which is the multi-input version of the List.Map) node.

This is especially important when interacting with e.g. Robot as you want to evaluate a full run of “Simplebar 0_02” and getting the result before trying the next value in your list1, list2, list3 etc.

I’m rambling, let me know if any of the above makes sense.

@Jonathan.Olesen Thanks for your reaction, it makes sense.

But i improved my script, bij changing the ‘structural analysis package nodes’ into python.
But when i now try to run the script it doesn’t work with the disconnected inputs. see this screenshot with the results i get(no files are created)

This is the result i get when directly connecting the options into the “Simplebar python 0_03”.

But i still dont know why the disconnected option doesn’t work?

Files are attached.
Thanks in advance

BFS-optimo learn python 0_09.dyn (21.8 KB)
BFS-optimo learn python 0_09 working.dyn (22.3 KB)
Simplebar python 0_03.dyf (40.6 KB)

It rather seems something is not working inside your node