Large network drive for Node and Package paths causes Dynamo to load slowly

If you have noticed that Dynamo is taking too long to load, for example 30 secs or more, it may be because the share that is pointed to by “Manage Node and Package paths” under Settings is too large, for example many TB.

A suggested workaround is to create a smaller share, typically around 1GB or less, since the majority of packages do not require such large shares. The load time should reduce to 5-8 secs, depending on the network performance.

This flaw is filed as QNTM-1440.

Thanks @Neal_Burnham.

Is the 1TB size based on the available or used portion of the drive? I notice mine starts fast sometimes and slows down over a period before randomly speeding up again. IT cleans out that share drive periodically so I’m wondering if it’s tied to that.

@JacobSmall We do not know yet, but will let you know as soon as we solve it.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve been having issues for 2 weeks now only to figure out my customs nodes were saved on a server in another country. Simple fix to keep everything in the allocated space Dynamo gives. :+1:t2: