Revit 2022 - Packages installing but not showing for some users

Hi, I’m running into a particular issue where packages are showing as installed for some users but the nodes are not visible. The package folder is kept on a network drive where myself and another user are pointing to, both using the same version of Revit 2022 & Dynamo 2.12. My packages are all working, his is unable to read Data-Shapes and some others. I’ve checked that i do not have packages in any of the other default locations. Has anyone experienced this issue before?


I’d highly recommend not using a network drive for packages. Dynamo for some reason has issues with loading packages from a network drive with a size exceeding (500 mb if i remember correctly?) Even if you do manage to show the nodes, launching a Dynamo script will easily take 5 to 10 minutes if you’re unlucky.

There are countless posts about this problem, one from myself included. For example:

The main consensus on here is that packages should be copied to a local drive on the users computer and loaded from there, instead of directly on a network drive. My company has a network drive where packages get uploaded to, and a logon script copies new packages from the network drive to a local disk to ensure everyone has the same packages.

It’s interesting as this is only occurring with 2022, we have been using this network drive for packages from Revit 2018-2021. It’s set up this way as there is approximately 300 users to apply this to.

Did your company run into any issues with the script trying to copy files into the users C drive due to permissions set? Is it going to one of the default locations or a new folder on the local disk?


Oh that’s interesting, i assume something else is going on here then…

Our IT department has total authority over our computers and just added the copying to regular updates that launch on startup. I suppose you could use the default path for it, we use a new path users set Dynamo towards once.

I’m afraid i cant help with the specific issue you are running into though…

Anything odd in the log file at startup for the impacted user?

I am just replying here since I was the one that posted one of those referred to posts. After trying everything i was actually able to get the packages to work… it was an internet options trusted sites issue with the network drive location that was giving me the issue. irony is that once i was able to get it to work i abandoned network located packages after a year or so because i had so many issues with updating the packages since anytime anyone would have Revit open the package folders got locked out, so i could never easily update the packages.

That is one of my main issues with dynamo. It is great on its own with a single user but there are many improvements that can be made with a company-wide deployment in mind. luckily with data shapes and dyno, those two help bridge the gap, but i cant image autodesk really thinks that dynomo player is anything but just a single user tool since i cant even push out a path for the graph files locations. ever since dyno has given me the option, i have just replace the dynomo player button with dyno browser.

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So i have done some further testing on a seperate PC & found that a combination of having local admin + full control of the network folder results in no issues. I’m going to explore further with what exactly is different between what IT have set for standard users compared to local admin. It’s worth noting i have always had full control of the folder since i manage the packages & local admin on my own pc which is why i never had issues.

Do you happen to recall what it was about the trusted sites that was causing issues? Did it have to do with the security level?

It has been awhile so I can’t say for certain, but I know i had to add my company’s network domain address to the list of trusted sites and then i think i might have had to also maybe click on sites under local intranet and mess with the check boxes in there a little as well.