Is Solar Analysis for Dynamo expired?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know if the “Solar Analysis for Dynamo” package is expired (as shown in the red circle)?

This question is related to the fact that the node runs but I am not capable to obtain values as results.

Thanks for your attention!


Hi @EKAS88

Looks like your missing “ShadingSurfaces” input.

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Not a direct answer to this question but you can use Ladybug and Honeybee for solar studies. It will give you more control on inputs and outputs. There is an example file for Radiation that comes with installation package.

NOTE: You need to install Radiance to use Honeybee.

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Hi @Kulkul,
I have tried to include shading surfaces but there is a warning on the node. I guess that the problem is the node itself. Probably, it is expired.
Thanks anyway!

Thank you @Mostapha!
Could you please suggest me tutorials on Ladybug and Honeybee for Dynamo?

Hi @EKAS88, I didn’t get a chance to record any for Honeybee but this playlist should be a good place to get started and understand the workflows. If you are already using Ladybug Tools with Grasshopper you already it’s pretty much the same.