Label size of connectors of duct fittings

Hello everyone,

i would be happy if somebody could help me.
I have a problem: i want to tag duct fittings with the dimension of its connections in Revit.

Starting position:

  • Let’s say we have a T-piece with 3 connectors. I defined the width and height of the connector with parameters (e.g.: A,B,C,D). Other fittings will have different parameters (E,F,…)
  • Now i want to place a tag family for each connector with the specific parameter of height and width of that connector, so that i can use the same tag family for every fitting. It should look like this:

What i have so far:

  • the coordinates of the connection points = position of the tags
  • the height and width of the connectors but not the parameter name (A,B,C,D,…)

Now im stuck. I have no clue how to get the paramters out of the connectors!

Idea 1:
one solution is maybe to get all the parameters of every fitting and then match with height and width. But there could be the case that height and width is the same, so there is no uniqueness–>no solution

Idea 2:
get the dimensions out of the connected ducts–>much easier. But what if fitting is connected to fitting–>no solution

The further idea is, that i add for every parameter a own label in the tag family and set the visibility to true, depending on the parameters. Is there an possibility at all to change the visibility of tag familys?

To sum up:

  • How to get the parameters (A,B,C,…) out of the connectors?
  • How to label the fittings in the described way?

Does anyone know how to solve my problems or is there maybe a more simple/smarter way to do that? (i prefer not to code some mind-blowing scripts, because i have no clue about python :sweat_smile:)

I appreciate any advice!

Thanks a lot
Flanschbeschriftung.dyn (112.1 KB)

I don’t believe you can tag specific connectors. You would have to tag the element. This would mean a tag for Connector A, Connector B, Connector C, etc. Your script could determine which families require which tags based on the number of connectors they have or the specific parameters available to that family.

thats’ right, I tag the element, for example 3 times in this case. But how does the tag family know which parameter is used in the connector?

It doesn’t. That’s where you’d have to pull that information from the family. The easiest thing to do is to probably have the first connector always be A, the second always B, and so on. That way you can just pull the connectors and their locations from the family and you already know exactly which tag to use. Otherwise you would either have to check the parameter mapping in the family editor to know which connectors are using which parameters, or, if your A/B/C parameters are always different, you could compare the connector sizes to the parameter sizes and match them up.

another idea, is to add a family label in the duct fitting families

FamilyExample 2020.rfa (440 KB)

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